Lingerie Fabric Series: Learn More About Lycra

Undergarments are pieces that require the use of extremely comfortable fabric in time to sew them, since they are always directly in contact with your body. A fabric for lingerie that makes great success between the producers and traders of these intimate parts is the lycra.

To give continuity to our number of content about types of fabric for lingerie we present, in this article, some facts about the lycra. Check out!

Popular Lingerie Fabric

The lycra is a synthetic fiber quite popular, not only as fabric for lingerie, but also to many parts used for pool or the sea, but also for the Academy and practice of physical activities.

This fabric is also quite used in the manufacture of clothing and safety equipment (e.g. gloves) for professionals who deal with electronic components or compounds that do not come into contact with the skin.

Arrival In Brazil In The Decade Of 70

Despite having been created in the late 50, arrived in Brazil only lycra in mid-1974, when the first plant was installed in the region of Paulínia, São Paulo State (which to this day is remembered as the capital of this fabric for lingerie). The lycra yarn begins to be used not only in bathing suits and underwear, as well as in jeans.

In the Decade of 80 the fabric finally comes in the gym clothes and revolutionizes the production of comfortable pieces for this practice.

Several Spellings For The Same Name

Although quite popular, many people still have doubts about how the spelling of thisfabric for lingerie–including lingerie brands who already work for a long time with this kind of thread. There are, however, several spellings available for Lycra, beyond that original term (that is, indeed, a registered trademark). You can also find thisfabric for lingerie like Lycra, laycra or láicra.

Do Not Confuse: Spandex And Lycra Are The Same Thing

If you, at some point, searched for a lycra fabric, but offered him an option in spandex, don’t be alarmed: spandex and lycra are exactly the same thing. Lycra, as we say in the previous item, is a registered trademark of INVISTA company, who created your own model of spandex, which is classified as pure, without addition of polyamide, reinforcing its durability and resistance.

The spandex, so is the fabric used by all other brands that don’t have acquired the registered product of INVISTA. Its main competitor is the rubber, by offering similar features of resistance and malleability.

Traditional Features Of Lycra

The lycra is a fabric for lingerie with unique features and it is so popular for the creation of certain parts. Below, we present some of the main features of this material:

Elasticity and stretching capacity by up to 500%;

Resistance to chemicals and water;

Lightweight fabric;

High ability to recover original length after several stretching;

Low resistance to high temperatures and oily products;

Comfortable and with high ductility capacity during use.

The lycra is a fabric for lingerie that revolutionized the fashion market, making many producers capable of producing pieces more comfortable and malleable to their customers, without losing the quality when using a different material.

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