Lingerie for Every Body Type

One of the advantages of choosing the proper lingerie for your body’s comfort and well-being that she will provide for you. If the time has come to get be in doubt about the right size, choose always take a larger number to offer more comfort. The right lingerie enhances the body shapes of women beyond hides defeitinhos.

Nowadays, there is a huge variety of designs, fabrics, colors, seamless to not check your clothes, with or without bulge to enlarge her breasts, with removable shoulder straps, padded panties, as well as several other gimmicks.

With so many different models we even confused in choosing the right lingerie, so let’s finish the questions of women and indict the perfect lingerie for every body type. Check out the tips below:

Lingerie for big breasts

For large breasts is valuing them. Just can’t choose a lingerie less than the number to lift the breasts. In addition to ugly, to be very uncomfortable. Prefer the Bras with wider straps and reinforced at the seams.

Lingerie for party Clothes

Watch the lingerie dresses stamped because the result could be disastrous. The best option is the seamless lingerie that no mark on the clothes and offer a “second skin” effect.

Lingerie with Bra Straps Left

The handles left pass the impression of sloppy person, there are several lingerie accompanying the necklines of blouses and dresses. You can choose the ideal lingerie that enhances the breasts, regardless of your blouse or dress model chosen.

Lingerie for small breasts

Women with small breasts can opt for padded bras or bubble to enlarge her breasts. For the result to be satisfactory, it is necessary to prove the lingerie to check the fitting on her breasts.

Lingerie for Small Butt

The national preference of men is the butt, if you do not have the booty to refer the panties with little padding.

Lingerie for Transparent Clothes

Transparent Clothes require more elaborate lingerie such as a padded pregnants long chemisette, for example. A lace bra is also allowed.


The panties with Thong model is indicated to be used on special occasions, to the gym or supermarket you prefer more comfortable panties, but also does not need to be too big. If the butt is great, prefer the panties to give support. As for the flat butt, the best option is filled with panties. For the hip, the panties which didn’t score on the side are ideal. The skinny can use and abuse of templates with comics.

Lingerie to Supercharge the breasts

To lift the breasts without resorting to any surgical procedure, use the Bras with front adjustments, push up models are excellent choices.

Raising what Fell

After the woman gave birth, usually the body changes. Some things are starting to fall, but nothing that a nice lingerie can’t fix. Prefer the Bras with padded with foam and reinforced rim.

Lingerie for bun in the oven

There are high-waisted pants that make real miracles with the bun in the oven.Generally, the models are higher and with abdominal reinforcement to leave the body well sculptural.

Tips for using the Negligee

The most important rule in choosing the lingerie is to take into account the comfort that the play will give you, but also your style and your body type. It won’t help you surprise your boyfriend with a garter and if you can’t even breathe. Browse buy beautiful pieces that add value to your body curves, is independent if you are skinny or fat. So, as the models the colors should also be taken into account. Above all, you have to feel beautiful in underwear!

Regardless of the choice, women need to understand that it is not necessary to have a wonderful body to feel beautiful and attractive. Because the meaning is “beautiful” or “attractive” is very relative. Look in the mirror, leave aside the beauty standards and bet on its qualities, a shapely thigh, a bum prancing, discover what is your strong point and learn to value it.