Lingerie Manufacturers “Victoria’s secret” in the Crisis

Heidi Klum, Alessandra Ambrosio, Adriana Lima – are these and many international model in recent years for the British fashion label “Victoria’s secret” gone over the catwalk. It was a Coronation for a supermodel, to float with the white Angel Wings on the runway. Currently, the company struggles with issues that brings it back to the bottom of the facts.

Dear Lagerfeld instead of underwear

The annual presentation of the latest underwear collection of British fashion label has been an international major event in the past. The “who’s who” of the model industry celebrated on this day together with film and music stars from around the world. This year, the stars are however disadvantageous for the angels.
Only fluttered “Victoria’s secret” canceling model Cara Delevigne in the mailbox, then also a more recent discovery its participation cancelled. Kendall Jenner, also known as Delevigne to see the fashion show by Karl Lagerfeld will be as half-sister of Kim Kardashian and absolute shooting star in the fashion world. The “Métiers d’arts” rice takes on the same day as the pompous show of “Victoria’s secret” place – only in Salzburg and not in London.

The angels fly out

The appointment came a knighthood to the ‘ Victoria’s secret ‘-Engel so far right. No Vita a model is complete when she was not working for the fashion label. The underwear, which is there in lingerie shops such as for example our site, on the catwalk presenting – a Coronation for each model.
The offspring is politely dismissive and the stars go by the Board. The fact that two models present the most expensive bra in the world this year for the first time, gives rise to further speculation. At this year’s show in the British capital Lima and Alessandra Ambrosio will wear Adriana the “fantasy bra”, which is called farewell the supermodels of “Victoria’s secret” interpreted. Both Lima and Ambrosio are active for over 15 years for the fashion label.

Shitstorm on the Internet

There was trouble on the Internet for the British. A fashion campaign titled “The Perfect Body” triggered a wave of outrage from the network and mass criticism broke down over the label. Meanwhile “Victoria’s secret” the slogan in “A Body For Every Body” change – silently and secretly, without an official press message or naming a reason. It seems quite so, as the label would have to learn yet, the Internet community is how changeable – how fast can be the devil behind the angels here.