Macrolane Breast: the New Hyaluronic Acid For Breast Enlargement

The new hyaluronic acid to increase the breast is called Macrolane. Its use has already aroused controversy in the field of aesthetic medicine, but above all in the field of plastic surgery that pits the effectiveness of breast augmentation. Let’s see the pros and cons of hyaluronic acid-based fillers to enhance your breasts.

Recently the Swedish laboratory of aesthetic medicine Q-Med has developed a hyaluronic acid with Mark Macrolane that injected into the breasts under local anesthesia and without surgery breast volume increases dramatically. The amount of fluid required to achieve good results hyaluronic varies from case to case and consequent changes in prices that are much higher than a breast implant. Hyaluronic acid Macrolane also manages to give volume to the breast for about two years as long as you have to inject a new filler to repair the volume.

The benefits of Macrolane breast

Obviously, the biggest benefit of Macrolane is to eliminate the cosmetic surgery as dermal filler is injected under local anesthesia and fairly fast. Also, to date, she didn’t show no correlation between the use of hyaluronic acid and Macrolane breast cancer.

The filler Macrolane injection must be performed by an experienced physician and use breast hyaluronic acid is definitely not recommended for patients at risk of cancer to the breast. The acid Macrolane in particular is indicated in all those cases where you do not want to or cannot resort to breast implants but you want to have a breast:

  1. With a natural look
  2. With a smaller volume up to twice that of a breast implant

These reasons have meant that Macrolane received the CE mark as a drug suitable for breast augmentation.

How is the injection of Macrolane

Although it is possible to inject hyaluronic acid without use of the scalpel, we must consider that it is still an intervention that is injected with a substance in the body. Hyaluronic acid is a substance that the body produces naturally but that, in these cases, is synthesized in the laboratory. The hyaluronic acid filler are absorbed by the time the body as substances are bio-compatible structure. When Macrolane is injected, the treated area should be anaesthetised and perfectly disinfected.

As a result of the use of Macrolane breast through an incision of 1/2 cm in the breast crease, waterproof bandage will be applied and we will need a hospital stay of a few hours but with an immediate resumption of physical activity.

Differences between Macrolane & breast augmentation

There are many differences between breast implants and Macrolane treatment permanent. While Macrolane is based on hyaluronic acid, a substance that is naturally produced by the body, permanent installations are usually composed material like silicone that is foreign to the body. In addition, Macrolane is biodegradable and is aimed at improvements of the underside of the breast or to better defining its shape. Treatment with Macrolane is less invasive than surgery which typically requires general anesthesia.

Macrolane breast and lactation

As with any breast implant, it cannot be excluded that also could have an effect on breastfeeding Macrolane. However, the injection technique of gel Macrolane under the mammary gland makes it unlikely that breastfeeding will be affected.

Also, as Macrolane decomposes with time, you can expect that treatment with Macrolane become progressively less able to interfere with breastfeeding as, at best, will spend at least 9 after injection which obviously cannot be done during pregnancy.

Macrolane breast and screening

As in the case of breast implants, instead, Macrolane can influence the outcome of mammography images although, in these cases, there are other types of mammary diagnosis asradiological or ultrasound that can be integrated to mammography.

It is very important that patients treated with Macrolane comply with normal breast screening procedures, as recommended by doctors or health authorities. It is also important that patients treated with Macrolane inform the radiologist about the plant with filler with hyaluronic acid mammography before any investigation.

Macrolane breast prices

The price of a first injection of Macrolane depends on the amount of hyaluronic acid injected and the volume of breast augmentation that the patient wanted to reach. The price to be considered for this type of intervention should include:

  1. cost of the clinic
  2. prior consultation
  3. the surgeon’s fee
  4. cost of anesthesiologist
  5. post-operative consultation

Macrolane breast or not? Contraindications.

When you use an action of their own bodies, of course, an important role is played by the surgeon, not only because of his experience but also for their ability to clear and honest treatment of each individual case.

Apart from general information on product Macrolane (like on other beauty products) intervention and the effects should be considered from case to case under the supervision of the surgeon. It is the latter and not the media, eager for novelty, or just want to collect news, who must give the correct information about whether or not to take advantage or disadvantage of the patient.

In the case of Macrolane, indeed, gaining a wonderful breasts with one injection can be very attractive and that’s why you need to list those who have any contraindications:

  • First of all it must be said that the filler Macrolane is around 100 cc per breast and therefore allow a slight breast augmentation.The patient with a second can expect about a third to be clear …
  • Macrolane is a resorbable product and, according to the lab creator Q-Med, the ideal would be to inject 50 cc 6 months after breast product to improve grip
  • Finally, the cost of Macrolane and the need for repeated injections can make this technique among the most expensive breast augmentation implants.