Manguun Jumpsuit Schwarz

I admit, it was not love at first sight, because actually I’m not a big fan of jumpsuits. “This calls for model dimensions and also on and off is inconvenient,” said my previous opinion. My enthusiasm was thus somewhat limited, as I found out that my next “Fashion-Darling” should be a jumpsuit for testing. But once dressed, I was at least of this jumpsuit “manguun collection” quite taken. Read for yourself…

Manguun Jumpsuit Schwarz

Great, great, great! The pants snugly without constricting and fits perfectly. The top is airy and loose cut looks with long lapels really very chic.

100% polyester. So not for outspoken cotton fans. This material is for hot summer days, of course, unsuitable, but on days below 30 degrees I guess polyester very, as you this material that is does not need ironing and it just flows nicely (especially in a vintage jumpsuit that is from!).

Very black. Very classic. Very noble!

Trend factor
I would say that high! Because Jumpsuits are just really hip. At the same time, this model is so timeless that you loose nor can it take the next over next over and over next season.

The Bag! I love to put my hands casually in his pockets and it can not stand it when the are too narrow or non-existent.

That this jumpsuit manguun collection a real partygoers, should be clear. I combined it with wedge sandals, lace shirt underneath and Omas amber necklace. Wow! But he can do even more: I had actually just for fun a stripe shirt pulled underneath, but hey presto, the one piece was suitable for everyday use. These flat shoes (my choice: espadrilles) and let’s go shopping vegetables in the market. Combinability accordingly: Can more than one thinks.