Meet 3 Lingerie Models That Disguise Thick Legs

Combine a look and make it to be totally in tune with the characteristics of each body is a real art. The reality is that the woman’s body has a variety of configurations and not always the lingerie models or exterior parts available on the market value what each of them has. Beauty is not something that should be standardized and it is essential that each woman can pick pieces show your best side.

When it comes to thick legs, for example, there are doubts and many insecurities.Disguise or accent? Is it possible to have a sleek with this kind of body shape? How to find a piece that suits body so provided?

The truth is that there are some improper combinations for those who have big legs, not allowing the woman can fit in most common standards of beauty. That doesn’t mean, however, that a woman with thick legs have to disguise this characteristic. In fact, there are many people who feel comfortable with the attribute, but I would like to highlight it more suitable. Frame big legs of sophisticated form is possible if the composition to create a harmony between the hips, waist and bust. Examples of items that can help in this regard: flare pants or straight.

In this context, the lingerie models chosen can also make all the difference. How do you want to accentuate your bust, decreasing the impact of thick legs in visual, if you don’t use the proper bra? How is it possible to get a skirt model convenient if the panties mark the waist in wrong place?

To take some of these questions, meet 3 lingerie models that disguise thick legs!

Bra Strappy Bra: A Precious Lingerie Model For Those With Thick Legs

One of the tricks of gold for anyone who has thick legs is to show other parts of the body. In this case, the focus of the whole outfit can and must be the bust.

Regardless of the size of the breasts, the bra strappy bra is a strong trend this season, allowing a combined with t-shirts and shirts that highlights, elegantly, all set to go from the waist to the neck. The result is obvious: all the credit ends up being given to the bust and hips and legs pass to the background.

Don’t forget that the BRA strappy bra is one of the lingerie models that must be coupled with more basic parts.


One of the great enemies of the legs is, without a doubt, that lingerie model what brand of inappropriately the hip. Undersized panties or with tight seams, for example, can be great villains. On the other hand, the use of bodies can represent the exactly opposite effect. When used in a size that provides comfort, they help reduce the sense of wide hip, while make the legs less accentuated. Is a great option for those who like to maintain sobriety.

High Waist Panties

For a long time the high waist panties left to be inadequate. On the contrary, this model, a retro symbol, is gaining more and more space in the market for lingerie models. For those who have thick legs this is a great alternative to the body, as it allows styling and comfort at the same time. Attention to the choice of measures tailored to each woman’s body.

Managed to stay safer in relation to your legs? Seen as a lingerie model proper can make all the difference? Leave your comment about your experience with plus size lingerie.