Michelle Williams Interview About Heath Ledger

Michelle Williams has appeared in the new issue of GQ most beautiful and seductive than ever, posed in underwear proving to be very elegant, pose with this outfit and not be vulgar a quality that only few women in the world can boast. 2012 promises to be a lucky year that Michelle Williams, on the occasion of the Golden Globes in 2012 received the award for best actress for her performance in the film “My Week With Marilyn.”

The photo shoot for GQ in February 2012 it is inspired by Marilyn Monroe, actress with whom Michelle has many things in common, it is beautiful even she does not feel sexy at all: “Being sexy is not one of my main qualities,” he said . Michelle also speaks of the past and the relationship with Hearth Ledge, who died prematurely in 2008. Hearth Ledge and Michelle Williams met on the set of “Brokeback Mountain ” and fell in love, remembering the film Michelle admits that he was impressed by the script but does not know how to describe the feeling because it is something new, something never tried before “Like the first time you hear a song by Björk or the first time you eat sashimi.” he says he looked for a new love, to want at all costs to get out of but above all that pain that he hoped to give to his little girl Matilda, he had the relationship with Hearth Ledge, a sister of the same age to grow together, but admits to not being able to do so.

In this beautiful photo, Michelle wearing a bra seductive and romantic Agent Provocateur, a brand of underwear that is among the best in the world, enhances the curves and gives security, we feel we not also beautiful as perfect models!