My Relationship with Underwear

My relationship with underwear has experienced different stages. I’ve been a fan of underwear. Then, I got tired of them and gave it to the boxers. First, a kind of cry for freedom, was a supporter of the wide and long. We had our moments and I moved to the boxers also fairer.

My Relationship with Underwear

Live happy days until I moved to the fair but shorter models, who are currently dating. My relationship with underwear just hasn’t changed in football. There, the panties (See definitions of panty in Digopaul) were always Queens. Contrary to what happens in the gym, where the panties gave way to boxers, especially designed for the practice of sports, something that I can’t use in football because I wear a pair of shorts.

Like most men – at least that’s what I believe – when I like a model, any brand, you’re using at the time, it’s a love without end. It’s a feeling so strong that up robs us the insight needed to realize that the lifetime of that piece of underwear has already reached the limit your. When a man likes, uses the underwear almost eternal form. As much as the woman say that is better left to use. Or even if you don’t buy underwear for years.

So when like any model, buy several units, even if they are the same. This makes my underwear – right now – if you divide between the black Boxer shorts “just” sell on the Mainland and the most righteous, and with other colors, Tezenis. Then there are those times when I think I need to buy some more copies. Something that happens when I’m in the Mainland or underwear when I walk into a store Tezenis. In those moments, my facet that underwear is eternal. I get to pick up a few copies to buy but, soon quit, saying: “I have at home are practically new and will last a long time.”

Yesterday, I had a rare moment that this way of thinking was won by lucidity. And it was a Tezenis promotion. Four boxers just like you usually use, stay for 19.90 euros instead of the usual 31.60, buy a case at a time. And I decided to share this moment because I have to go back only to buy underwear in ten years and because I believe that there are many men. So if that side are men who maintain a relationship just like mine with the underwear or women who have a man at home, the hint to give some life to their underwear drawer.