No Jumper!

Sometimes you want a bra without Underwire and feel free, you can of course go without, but you may also like to have a support …

A luxurious and stylish fretless bra! A little bigger in the hives than our other models, but still incredibly thin and light. LUX gives with its classic cut a good support and a beautiful natural form with no shoulder or band. Covered with a luxurious slightly shimmering fabric, with a skin-friendly adhesive on the inside. This tapeless BRA fits all types of breast, even those with larger or breastfed bust.

Of course there is the best outfits for when the bandlöst option is required, but sometimes it’s more about convenience and a sense of freedom to garments that do not automatically need a fretless bh, say a t-shirt.

Several options are available, depending on what you request for the results.

Tapeless bar, it provides support and, above all, the stability that an ordinary bra provides. They follow your bust and provides a comfortable bygelfritt results. Depending on the model, you can choose a shade that covers a bit extra, provide padding or extra volume.

Would you rather than simply cover the nipple is a pair of Nipple cover perfectly, they can also be combined with breast tape Lift-Up if you want to get an extra lift and stability.

Thought about that;
According to Shopareview, a fretless bra can’t provide the support that the shoulder straps, but nevertheless makes a fretless bra breasts held in place which provides support and security.