Perfect underwear for an intimate evening

To find the right gift for the partner, can be difficult, because a lot of tact is required. It should be personal and creative in the optimal case. One popular idea is: a intimate evening in provocative underwear. But what is the definition of hot? What’s tasteful and where is the limit to bad taste? Often both partners have very different ideas. It is important to assess the partner properly to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Welfare is sexy

When choosing hot underwear for an intimate evening with my partner in my opinion applies to the following rule: Whoever feels comfortable, looks sexy. It does not matter how sexy the underwear is as long as we do not feel it yourself beautiful and desirable, the laundry can not be provocative. So it does not help to choose a masochistic set, which only pleases the partners.

Underwear in Categories: sporty, romantic or sexy? 

There are different views and different perceptions. We can try to find categories into which we fit, so as to determine the most desirable outfit for us.

  • Sporty: Practical underwear made of soft materials, for example: hot pants and sports bras or cotton bras in everyday life. For a romantic evening with beautiful underwear lace bras and lace panties might be pleasantly. Who has no problem with thongs, can also try those.
  • Romantic: lace bras and -höschen part of everyday life to beautiful fabrics, such as silk, are an added value, which we appreciate. In this case something courageous would be interesting for an intimate evening: A corset with garters, lace panties or thong, all in an elegant style: lace, ruffles, transparent material.
  • Sexy: Who Push Ups, lacy bras and -höschen and thongs are common, which can get close to something more extreme: Light leather materials as corsets, high heels, Nipple Covers, RPG paneling and even a toy, the latter no fetish fantasies must be ,

Particular attention should be paid to the following questions: What do I want? How far will I go? What I like? While it is important to respond to the needs of the partner, but we should not do our own needs behind.