Phenomenology of the Perfect Bra

We care to carefully choose the clothes, the clothes we decide based on time, to our mood, what goes through your head.What we wear defines us after all, it is a real business card. And just because the clothes are the “outer layer” and then immediately visible, we often forget the importance that can have all what is “it” that is, the intimate.

That too is part of our style, and although not everyone can see it (or at least I hope …), you should give special attention, especially if it is the bra.  And do not think that I’m just talking to the increased! Even for those who have small breasts bra is an essential accessory to give shape to the figure.
The lack of attention that often surrounds this garment also leads to not knowing exactly how to “treat”, from washing to keep in the drawer. Nothing is obvious and in fact here are some tips to ensure that your bra does not come off.

Do not wash the bra after every use

I address you, manic clean! Wash too often the bra will not make it cleaner and will only cause a loss of elasticity, essential for an ideal support. Once lost its shape, you’re probably not even more comfortable.

Unless you have not sweated, wash after three / four times that you wear

This obviously depends on how you move and even the weather. If it happens a very wet day and sweat a lot, wash the bra. Washing liquids and eliminates germs that we produce every day, but if you wear it for a few hours, does not count (obviously depending on the activities).

Do not worry about exchange them too

To preserve the elasticity of a bra is advisable to have several to wear on different days, but it’s not a problem wearing the same for two consecutive days. The night in which it is removed, will allow him to regain his form.

Follow the recommended washing label

More generally, it would be better to wash bras as gently as possible, for example by hand. But if you really have no time, choose the most gentle program the washing machine and use a “ball saves bra”. They come in all colors and types on the market now.

No tumble

In Italy we use little respect abroad, but there are those who dries your clothes in the dryer for lack of space, perhaps. It would be better, however, to avoid to put the bras to not ruin the shape. Also hang in the air, however, can damage them so the best thing would be to dry the excess water with a towel (without squeezing) and then lay them on a surface.

Even the good conservation is essential

Align them in the drawer, as you’ve seen them in the store. Put them in bulk along with socks, underwear or other, it could damage the shape and elasticity.