Pip Breast Implants: Here’s What to Do

Pip implants international scandal has spotlighted the risks, often underestimated, of some cosmetic surgery breast. If you too are among women concerned about their implants, here’s what you need to do in order to carry out the necessary checks.

Pip breast implants — those made by French company Poly implant prothese, low cost have become famous all over the world because of their potential danger.

It was not enough to withdraw them from the market, it is now essential to specific controls on all women who have breast implants implanted Pip brand. To get an idea of the numbers, you do realize that only in Italy are over 4500, a number certainly not reassuring.

But what to do if you are part of this large group of women now fear for their health? First of all, try to stay calm, the early studies it seems that Pip implants to increase the chances of developing breast cancer. Just know nationally was finally put in place a plan for medical surveillance to check the actual harmfulness or not implanted prostheses.

For a first check-up, ask the surgeon who performed on you breast augmentation surgery or reference centres that each region must make available. If necessary you will be subjected to invasive diagnostic tests, especially for an ultrasound and possibly an MRI.

Your doctor will assess whether the implants need replacement. In this case we know that the cost of the operation will be borne by the public health service, with eventual payment of the ticket. If you decide instead to turn to private hospitals, the rules change from region to region and it is not said that you will be refunded. Keep in mind that, if necessary, will be available for you also a psychological support that will help you to overcome the trauma of a possible rupture of breast implant Pip.

But that’s not all. To try and limit medical scandals similar to that of implants in the years to come, were taken at the national level two important decisions that affect the breast plastic surgery. First and foremost, to protect their health, it was decided to ban to minors the breast implants for aesthetic matters. In addition comes a real national register of breast implants, where, while protecting the privacy of patients, must be entered all data concerning the type of prosthesis implanted and the surgery performed.