So You Can Find a Bra That Really Fits

Shopping is so much fun! But there is one thing that I always before me herschiebe: buy bras. Somehow I have little luck regarding my choice, because if they do not press, they do not support properly. It takes forever until I found the perfect model. This I wanted to change and have therefore written a small guide, I would like to share with you here. I will explain how you can find a bra that fits finally.

What do You Think a Bra That Fits Really?

The Letter / Number Combo

First of all I would like to explain to you briefly, making it of numbers and letters has this combination to be. The letters stand for the cup size, the numbers correspond to your chest measurement.

Step 1: Determine Your Chest Measurement

First, you can find out how big is the circumference of your lower chest. But you ask yourself upright and take a tape measure to help. This you lead around your back and your breasts, the band goes directly under the breast along.

Now you can read a value that you can find in the details of the bra size. It is the number in the above combination. If your scope does not conform to a standard number, then you rundest ON. Do you have a circumference of 83 centimeters, then you look to the future with bras of size 85th

Step 2: Compute Your Cup Size

This step is carried out in several phases.

  1. First you measure your chest. But you put back the tape around your back. This time you measure the circumference of your chest, but this time at the level of the nipples.
  2. You calculate. Now You calculate your size by you apply the following formula:

Chest-under bust = Cup Size

You will receive a value corresponding to the respective cups. As you file your worth, you can see here:

  • Cup size A = 12 centimeters
  • Cup size B = 15 cm
  • Cup size C = 17.5 centimeters
  • Cup size D = 20 cm
  • Cup size E = 22.5 centimeters

Ermittelst you a value which lies between two cup sizes, I recommend that you each try both bras.

Step 3: Ironing And Support

If you have now found the right bra size, you can make yourself on the search. However, you’ll notice that the right size is still no guarantee of the right bra. Other factors determine whether you have really found the right bra.

The comfort is very important for a good fit. It is therefore important that the strap of your bra lies flat on the skin . He should not stick or press. Also decide the carrier if the BH in the future is your or not. For the carrier applies: The more voluminous the bosom, the wider the carrier . Because these distribute the weight better than thin straps.

Step 4: The Different Bra Types

Slowly You approach your goal is to find a matching bra. You have now calculated the size and characteristics of a comfortable bras in mind. Now you have to make you think about which BH type you would like at all. Do you need an everyday underwire bra or a provocative push-up? There are different models, which all have their advantages and features.So you get an overview, I recommend you my little overview for you (put link) HERE find.

Now I wish you much success in finding your new bra in the larger sizes!