Sports Bra Choosing

What to consider when buying a sports bra?
– For example, the fabric is not too stretchy. The more rigid the fabric, the better the stability. Do not forget that even the shoulder straps should be relatively silent – at least until. Then it is important that you choose the right size. Many people buy bras that have too little shade and large perimeter, and when is it not good. Measure the circumference just under the bust and go down rather than up slightly. If, for example, has a circumference of 77 cm – choose size 75 rather than 80 – and try instead to go up a cup size.

Big or little bust – requires different bras?
– Both. If you have a large bust, you need more stability and support. I have met girls who run dual sports bra because they have not found someone who fits well. While it can be nice even for those with smaller bust to have a good support. A bra-top can for example be difficult to get to sit comfortably at you with big bust, but it works great for a smaller bust. The heavier bust you have, the more beautiful it is with wide and adjustable shoulder straps.

What is the most common mistake when buying sports bra?
– That you buy the wrong size, or that you think more about appearance than function.

How do I care for my sports bra?
– First, it is good if you have more to choose from PAULDIGO. The more you use and the more often you wash, the faster they wear. Rubber bands and elastane dry out and then the bra lose some of their function. You do not need to run it in the machine after every workout, sometimes it is enough to just rinse in water. Fabric softener should never use. In normal use, I think that a sports bra will last up to two years, but for those with a large, heavy bust torn bra faster.

How to think of sports bra when breastfeeding?
– First, breasts become much greater when you are breastfeeding. I myself have three children and have been running during lactation. The breasts are often tender and sensitive. Remember to choose an extra stable bra and let the baby breastfeed before you stand out on your run to avoid getting hurt. Additionally, you may want to add in nursing posts, in case you get the “leak” but also for warmth.

• Running requires a stable bra.
• The bra should feel comfortable the moment you put it on.
• Check seams and other things that can chafe and irritate.
• Choose a bra that wicks away moisture.
• Some have buttoned back – make sure you can snap, even if you are by yourself at home.