Sports Bra During Exercise Prevents Hanging Breasts:

You’ve probably heard that it’s really important to use a sports bra when you exercise, but do you know why?

There are no muscles in the breast, but ligaments. When we move, especially when we’re practicing, so moving her breasts up and down, which can stretch out the ligaments. If you often practice without a supportive sports bra, so can these ligaments permanently become uttöjda and cause droopy breasts.

In addition to the right sports bra prevents hanging breasts: so also makes a good sports bra workout more enjoyable. When the breasts held in place you can work undisturbed and focus on training. Therefore, it is important to use a sports bra, regardless of breast size. It is also important to remember to use a sports bra that provides proper support for the type of activity you are performing. In this video you can see how much a good sports bra reduces breast movement. Absolutely incredible!

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