Sports Bra Test of Bloggers

Sometimes it can be fun to hear multiple viewpoints on a particular sports bra before it strikes. How do you feel about sports bra on and for who is it? Here are some interesting quotes about sports bra by various bloggers. All sports bra as described, you can find more info by clicking the name link.

These bloggers have no cooperation with us at our stie, without the quotes is simply copied from their blogs with their permission.

Shock Absorber Ultimate Run

I have been practicing all my adult life and have to say that I actually never tried such a soft, comfortable and solid sports bra like this. I need a model that keeps the bust in place and this really makes the perfect cut and fit snugly thanks to the clever extraknäppningen back in the back.

Ulrika Garbriel about sports-bra Shock Absorber Ultimate Run. The quote is taken from Ulrika’s blog which you can find here.

Stay in Place

The BRA that I can recommend and know by the tests we conducted in Aftonbladet’s Health annex is Stay in Place. Their bra has a very good support and is suitable for those with big bust.

Petra Thorén, motionscoach on aftonbladet about sports-bra from Stay in Place.

Casall Multi Sports Bra, Nike Pro Bra & Craft Sport Specific Super Good

If I get to choose the Sports Bras I use when I work out so it will be these (in no particular order): 1. Casall Multisport Good 2. Nike Pro Good 3. Craft Super Sport Specific Good.

Sara Ronne if their sports bra-favorites. The quote is taken from here.

Reebok Fitness Short Good

Everything sits where it should and I’ve never gotten blisters or anything!

Tove Isander about sports bra Reebok Fitness Short Good. The quote is taken from Tove’s blog which you can find here.

Shock Absorber Ultimate Run

The bh! It fits perfectly and are really the breasts in place without flattening them so you think you have a strap around the chest. Shoulder straps and clasps are cushioned so it is soft and comfortable. Comfortable breathable material and a really good fit. Take my advice and get yourself a really good sports bra, wow!

Said of Ida at our site about sports bra Shock Absorber Ultimate Run.

The other model I use, which also is my absolute favorite, called Shock absorber, and the model is called RUN. It costs 650 pounds. I have a white and a black since before and now I have also purchased a sick looking purple/Turquoise. It is autumn’s seasonal color so it is in a little less collection, so if you want just the color you should not wait too long to act. This model has dual buckles in the back, so once you get on it, nothing moves, guaranteed! … Tip of the day clearly, for all the running and would have really good support. I recommend the hot hand!

Shock Absorber D + Max

Now I have finally bought me a good sports bra-and wow, no chest that moves!! Could not be better! So important to have good support when playing sports!

Zarixxxa of sportbehån Shock Absorber D + Max.

Nike Indy Reversible Strappy Good

I have since a couple of weeks a new favorite sports bra – Nike Indy Reversible Strappy Good.It provides good support for quieter workouts as Bodypump, Bodybalance, but on a dance workouts or a steppass I choose a bra with more support. What I like about this is that the shape and the material – a bonus is that it can turn inside out, so you get two colors in one! Perhaps one would hit on a pink, too?

Annelie Bottne about sports-bra Nike Indy Reversible Strappy Good.

Casall Multisport Good, Shock Absorber Ultimate Run & Salming Capacity

Soft and comfortable. Easy to put on and take off, even though it does not have any settings, either in the back or shoulder straps … I got enough support without being squeezed to anywhere, even with the heart rate transmitter belt. – Casall Multisport Good

Also called SI-BH: arnas Rolls Royce. And I understand completely! I had had a major bust this had definitely been my clear favorite. – Shock Absorber Ultimate Run

… For it is not just pretty to look at. It also has a good support and are very comfortable to run in some possibly narrow little. get on up over the shoulders, but it is offset slightly by the softness, they padded adjustable shoulder straps and the aesthetically pleasing utséendet. -Salming Capacity

Penelope P. Neal about sports-behårna from Casall, Shock Absorber, and Salming.

Stay in Place Racer back

To my great delight just happened to Stay in Place have summer sale now on some of their products (take a look!), so it blidde a Racer back good in color “fire”. Perfectymotion! Is normally a loyal customer of Nike, but when it comes to sports bra’s Stay in Place almost just a bit sharper, according to me.

Alexandra on the blog star koch sound about sports-bra Stay in Place Racer back.