Sports Bras Site Now with automatically Updated Prices!

Hi! Now comes a good news for you who buy sports bra! This page sport-bar has been extended with a feature that automatically update the prices on every single sports bra every day. This means that if a shop change the price for a product, or put it on sale, so it also can be seen on this page, and it will be even easier for you to compare prices on the products. If the function fails to check the price of an online store, a star will appear next to that price, which tells us that the price may be a few days old.

To see the new prisfunktionen for sports bra:

For example, consider sports bra ‘n Stay In Place Superactive A/B:

As you can see, sports bra has lowered the price on this product. It may be lowered only for a few days, so no automatic prisuppdateraren so would Sporta more’s normal price of £ 400 standing there instead of the sale price at $ 199, and maybe you could have bought it at the bubble room where it costs $ 319 instead. In the case that Sporta more or someone else changes the price tomorrow so the new price which then, completely automatically.

It appeared also is the star next to the price of Nelly. It means that the price is not updated today, but may be one day old. However, the true prices with star also for the most part, for the stores does not change rates so often. In this case, it is also Nellypriset the right.

More new features on sports-bar

In addition to the automatic prisuppdateraren so I also put out a small function that tells us if the product is in stock or not in online shops. I do not want you to have to click to a Web store and then find a text which says that the product is out. So now it is also on the product pages here at in the case that the sports bra you check in is not available in an online store right now.

The product Stay In Place Seamless is therefore the end of the bubble room and Nelly right now.If they get into it so also updates this information here. Same thing at prisupdateringen applies, the status of this is updated every day.

Functions that were previously the main filter at the front where you can filter out all sports bra’s n that does not suit you by choosing how much support you need on your sports bra, and by selecting the size.

It will also get some more features in the future that makes it even easier for you to find the best or the cheapest sports bra’s n. But now, the existing functions are tested properly first before new features are added to. If you have ideas for cool new stuff, just tell us about them in the comments field.

Have a great day, regards Jonathan