Stella McCartney Bralette

Today we show you the video that tells us the collection of underwear made from designer Stella McCartney for the spring / summer 2011, a line from romantic areas followed by more aggressive models and coordinated, in order to better represent the spirit of every woman and his personality. The collection does not exceed, but relies on simple lines, on a minimal style but with precious traits in detail, made particularly intriguing by the model Hannah Holman with its beauty measured but fascinating. Among coordinated by the most colorful to the classics, let us see the lingerie collection.

We had already anticipated some of the pictures of the lingerie collection by Stella McCartney spring / summer 2011, the video images will complete the picture that you can make about the collection giving you a broader idea.

Several lingerie lines this year aim to seduce with bright colors and prints details, including the ‘animal that so depopulated in different areas of fashion.

Stella McCartney proposes coordinated bra and panties in warm colors such as ocher, romantic models in lace applications with sequins and sparkly bows, balconies more compact in different patterns with or without braces, depending on your needs, models with animal pattern of dark background among the most impact, but also beautiful coordinated in red polka dots, often accompanied by vests and dressing gowns with different patterns.

In short, a varied line that caters to both the character more timid and romantic, is the most aggressive and brought to trial.

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