Stella McCartney Lingerie for Spring

The designer Stella McCartney has just presented his collection of lingerie for spring, and I could not resist to share with you the images and details of some pieces of Aires vintage very special. 

Earth colors, pink, green, Brown, Perhaps some beige, make up the palette of a very delicate lingerie full of trimmings, in the textures, transparencies, details in the warmth… has been seeing her, and think that I was watching classic images.

You know that along with jewels, lingerie can be parts that most tend to like women that we give away. Good, because this collection where pajamas, shorts of air of another century, the bodys and sets two parts almost look like facts measure, don’t hesitate, you guess safe.

Silks, cotton 100%, thread, satin, and small fit give a very warm air to women for which McCartney has designed their garments. For a moment I thought of a collection for young women, but looking in detail I have discarded it… the candor is for all. What do you think of this new collection?

Photo Gallery

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