Tanya Mityushina Measurements

Change of looks from Intimissimi, after years of absolute domination of Irina Shayk in advertising campaigns of the brand, the Italian company of lingerie has revealed that it will be no longer the beautiful model to pose for the Russian catalogs and for television commercials. The girlfriend of Cristiano Ronaldo, in fact, will be replaced by a new fashion lever, the twenty year old Tanya Mityushina that in common with Shayk has the nationality and full lips. The boys will have to finally say goodbye to Irina Shayk? Actually it is not so!

Irina Shayk, who owes much of his fame in the role of ambassador of Intimissimi, will not leave the Italian brand but will continue to be his due in the role of ambassador. Certainly it will be difficult to match the success of advertising campaigns with her protagonist. Irina Shayk, in fact, besides being very beautiful also has a charm and magnetism out of the ordinary so that it is able to be sensual posing with boxer in advertising the men’s collection . If Irina Shayk is a model established, the young Tanya still a youngster but with its beauty breathtaking it seems to have nothing to envy to Irina Shayk.

What is certain is that it will be difficult to repeat another model with the same popular success of Irina but, moreover, it is also too early to judge. Intimissimi tip of Tanya very much that he decided to open his store online with a preview of the spring summer 2012 ad campaign. the star? The beautiful Tanya Mityushina, of course.