The Best Lingerie For Every Body Type

Sometimes we don’t give importance deserves the lingerie, use proper lingerie so we can be comfortable and sexy. The lingerie helps us shape the body, causing the outer parts in promoting more.

The Best Lingerie For Every Body Type

We should choose proper lingerie for body type to empower our ways and camouflage the shortcomings.

How to choose the ideal bra:

One of the points on which tends to have more doubt is what the ideal bra for us. If you have a lot of chest, it is best to opt for heart-shaped necklines or triangular. If it is unlike you have small, can be bra or push up. That way we gain volume in that area. Are also recommended in this case with bras.

How to choose the perfect panties:

As the panties, we found a wide range. An example are the high waist, perfect for women who want to hide the belly or hip. In addition, gives us a vintage air and elegant, very fashionable these days, so there are a multitude of models. Another option are the high waist thong panties, suitable to emphasize the butt.

The outer thighs, on the other hand, help us to increase the volume of hips and makes it look like the butt firmer and worked. However, the low waist models are not suitable for women, since it shortens the legs visually.

In addition, not all women who dare to wear a thong. Are favorecedores for women with butt firmly but with curves. If we wish to give volume to the hips, can choose models with Ruffles or accessories side

Finally when choosing lingerie we also found the boxer, similar to a short. Although it can remember the boxers, currently there are models of feminine style, with all types of colour and print. It is advisable for the thinner, as they can add volume in the area of the butt and hips.

Choose the most appropriate lingerie to each one of us, that’s certainly an important decision because it will make us feel better.

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