The Bra Turns 1st Century

This year marks exactly 100 years since the bra was patented by American writer and social activist Mary Phelps, and in 1914 was called underwear holder breasts.

The first bra was sewn from two handkerchiefs and ribbon and is used as an alternative to the popular 1912 corset. After the invention of the bra, corsets remain in the past. On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of patenting a bra in the German city of Frankfurtopens exhibition called the Body Talks.

The exhibition at the Museum of Communications will present more than 100 exhibits-from antique corsets in conical cups drained as famous bra Madonna to modern bras that women wear.

The first bras begin to produce in 1912 but patented two years later. Production of underwear was initiated by Sigmund Lindauer, who previously produced ladies’ corsets.

Lindauer was forced to create it for personal reasons-during the honeymoon with his young wife he was losing too much time to deal with the buckles of her corset.

Bras of different shapes existed in ancient Greece . Women dyed their pads on the chest oflinen or wool away before being coined corset. Over the past century bras have become a symbol of the women’s movement for freedom, emancipation and equal rights with men.

Much of the designers say there is no ugly women’s breasts, but only has incorrectly ungraded bras. Studies show that 95% of women do not wear the right size bra.

If your bra is constantly shuffling and need to debug it with your hand means you do not wear the correct size. The bra should not create a nuisance when worn, causing scars or discomfort.

Wearing the wrong size bra can lead to various complications and trouble. On the one hand these are pains in the shoulders, back and waist, ulceration of the skin from too tight straps or solid bras and even damage on the bust.