The New Chambre of Secrets Collection by Divissima

The new lingerie collection “Chamber of secrets” the labels divisions Daniel ensures exciting prospects in the cold winter months. Noble and striking, the design has a playful, provocative and yet stylish. Since tastes differ as you know, Divissima offers its customers a wide range of models that still follow a clear and logical line.

The accents are very transparent fabric elements, in combination with shiny fabrics. Components, which strongly remind of leather, as we know it from the long-lasting trend of leather pants, so let the lingerie sensation and become an absolute eye-catcher. The new Divissima is probably less for everyday use, as suitable for the privacy collection.

The Chambre of secrets body string model shows the versatility of the design. Without revealing too much skin, the body seems foolhardy playful. The black fabric covered the front and back of the wearer, thus not immediately disclose little secrets. Transparency shows on the sides, so the model is particularly interesting. The model is combined with a string of the same material as the main part of the body, resulting in a matching outfit for different occasions. The body provides an aesthetically exciting alternative to the common and often cumbersome, boring-looking models. Why should just the lingerie be exciting not? The outfit effectively with skirts and similar can be combined with matching suspenders. The new Divissima collection offers women the opportunity to focus around to feel feminine and sexy.

Another exclusive model is the Chambre of secrets culotte. Shows once again that not material must be waived if the material skilfully set. Blickdickt front and rear transparent, the wearer can retain an air of mystery and yet imagine the contours, or weiblichn forms. The entire collection seems to play with a contrast of transparency and yet unity. Quickly turns out there that aesthetically represents a blend of both and you don’t must forgo despite the use of just this material level.

Another highlight is the Catsuit of the collection. This design offers targeted insights. Here, the back is wrapped, up to the thigh in a transparent substance, so that just the reverse is particularly. Décolleté and abdomen are shown on the front, whereas the main part of the breast behind the black fabric is hidden. The models seem to play without having to offer too much insight with the charms of their wearers. Bra BB´s, briefs and strings are after the same pattern has been designed. Kessheit and a certain wickedness is in the foreground without seeming cheap.