The Return of Velvet Comes with a Change of Look of Paula Echevarria (And Series)

For fans of Velvet, tonight is special because it involves the return of the series. It is in your fourth and final season, eleven chapters where we can see the outcome of the series and how to end the love story of Alberto Marquez (Miguel Angel Silvestre) and Ana Ribera (Paula Echevarría). The series is accompanied by a change of time and look. Helena Sanchís, his costume designer, advancing us some details.

In this fourth season all starts five years later Alberto disappearance in a plane and Ana accident put heading to Europe to gain a foothold in the world of fashion, both arriving to become one of the most famous designers of the moment. As they have on their website official Ana Ribera returns to the Velvet galleries converted into a designer of success and with the firm idea of popularizing fashion, Velvet brand proposal framework Caffiero refuses to consider that it would ruin.

‘Ana Ribera is a reflection of Jackie Kennedy’

Uniforms of the most elegant galleries of the sixties transform and Ana Ribera walk around Europe with his creations with a different backdrop, reflecting an era of changes affecting the costumes. Sanchis says: “is a reflection of Jackie Kennedy”.

We have spoken with Helena Sanchis, the Head of wardrobe for the series and he has told us that this season the aesthetic changes completely, since it implies a change of era. The series is located at the beginning of the 1960s, years of revolution in the social, as politically and culturally so fashion changed radically, since the fashion brands and designers began to create different models. “The wardrobe changes a lot, especially in girls. We dropped waist, remove WaSP waist, the cuts are straight and simple, and the patterns are more geometric. In addition, gets the length of the skirts, minis are of course not, but remain above the knee.”

Ana Ribera (Echevarria) totally changed look. Cut the hair and its appearance is more sophisticated. “Ana maintains its essence of simple girl, but their social status is higher, by which their clothes are more refined.” Their outfits are elegant but for example without jewelry. Let’s say that they are more modern, Audrey Hepburn style”.

In the underwear There is also a change towards more modern pieces “for example, the chest is no longer so weevil, and is that we we have the revolution of the 60”.

Regarding the masculine look “not it shows so much because we work a more conservative style”. Classic suits with ties and tuxedos for evening events are selected parts.

Fans of the series are sure that you are willing to see the end, so, to open the doors of the galleries and to start the function!