The Right Bra for the Strapless Trend

One of the major trends of the season spring / summer 2016 are strapless tops, especially in Carmen-style. If it were not for the problem with the bra straps, because that can interfere with the look pretty. We want beautiful, tanned and free shoulders, inappropriate support middle have nothing to look. Without bra, most women but also feel uncomfortable, especially if they have a bigger chest. To be able to still put perfectly in scene the trend, I suggest you here before the best advice for a bra for the strapless trend.

Trend Racerback: Which Bra is Right?

(Almost) Invisible Carrier

On the one hand you can choose bras with nude colored straps. Here it is a bit difficult to make your own skin tone. Quite visible are the carriers by this method does not, but you do not jump a quite as strong eye. Similarly with transparent straps.If you bet on it, I would advise you to take smooth matte carriers – they disappear optically to the skin better. If you already have a bra with removable straps, you can contact your carrier also replace easily. Transparent carrier and those in nude tones are available for a few euros in any lingerie shop.

If you do not want to renounce the Shoulder trend despite bra straps, might be a Carmen blouse Trachtenlook right for you, because here the carrier can be easily hidden, the shoulders are nevertheless free.

Tips & Tricks: Cup for Shoulder-Trend

Strapless Bras

Strapless bras are seen ideal for Shoulder-trend. On the other hand, they have to sit the better to still ensure enough grip. A beautiful neckline and relatively secure hold mainly provide balconette bras Bandeau bras. However bras ironing is still the first choice when already accounts for the maintenance of the carrier. Adhesive bras are also a possible alternative, but are rather less for women with large breasts.

If the holding function of the carrier is omitted, the support function of the bra should be replaced quasi “Angle”: This works with a wider web and a wider back band and closure. For this are suitable Corsages and Corsets bras particularly well. In these, the entire belly is not covered by the corset, but only a few centimeters below the chest. The cups thus remain in place, do not slip and push the chest slightly upwards – without carrier holding!

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