The Story Behind Victoria’s Secret and The Suicide of Its Founder: Who Was Roy Raymond?

Entrepreneurial and innovative born, Roy Raymond is the hidden face Victoria’s secret, one of the most famous and profitable worldwide lingerie. Its history was marked by misfortune and bad luck, the firm he founded in 1977 eventually plunging him into absolute depression, was cost-effective, highly profitable, but Roy He had decided to sell it years ago. San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge was its point and end.

Catalog of Victoria’s Secret in 1980

Today no one can deny having heard of Victoria’s Secret, your sexy lingerie, the famous annual parade or the models of very long legs are some of his claims, as the pink stripes on their bags accumulate through the main streets of the most important capitals. Roy Raymond created an Empire from scratch, but did not receive its fruits.

Its history began with the vain attempt to buy lingerie for his wife. Almost 50 years ago this was a race of obstacles, the underwear was delivery of customers in department stores, without exclusivity and elegance no and under the inquisitive eyes of dependents. “Some made him feel like a pervert,” has come to admit what was his wife at the time.

Raymond was soon realize that there was a niche market unattended, the boutique of lingerie, away from the oppression of the Department stores and where the purchase of lingerie fine and sexy unseen outside under a mistaken view.

Candice Swanepoel in the parade of victory completo Secret 2015

His idea of shop was fully directed towards the male sector in search of lingerie for their wives, and after an investment of 80000 dollars which covered between a credit and family support, Roy Raymond opened the first Victoria’s Secret store in Palo Alto, California.

Business triumphed, in five years Victoria’s Secret already had three establishments more, Raymond had hit the mark. However, it was in 1982 when the decision of sell the business idea to Leslie Wexler -owner of The Limited-, he signed his sentence. Roy didn’t take root in this business and sought to invest in other innovative models, but the reality was very different.

Leslie Wexler changed the approach to Victoria’s Secret, was inspired by the European boutiques and decided to focus it towards them, women, attracted by the feeling of exclusivity and glamour more faithful of the signing would be transformed in clients. And he succeeded. In just a few years the number of stores of the firm was around the 600 and their annual income the 1000 million dollars. Meanwhile Roy Raymond He invested in several businesses that are not stacked and ended in failure, leaving him bankrupt within a few years of selling your lingerie firm.

“He asked his mother money. She tried more business, but they were wrong. And only saw a way out”

“He asked his mother money. She tried more business, but they were wrong. And only saw a way out,”commented on his ex-partner. It was in 1993, at the age of 46, when he drowned by debt and exhausted by his bad fortune in the Victoria’s Secret sale, its founder Roy Raymond, He embarked on the waters of the most famous bridge in North America.