The Tweeting Bra

A bra which tweet? You think it’s weird? Yet what makes the bra tweeting every time it is unstapled. We don’t stop progress! At first glance, this is another one of these innovations completely far-fetched and perfectly useless, yet this hyper-connected prototype tweet for a good cause! Promised!

Combine lingerie and high-tech, it was a gamble, it is what began the agency Ogilvy Athens Greek com. Their collaboration with Nestlé Fitness this funny bra was born. Beyond the technique the tweeting bra is intended to sensitize women to breast cancer screening. Remember that breast cancer is the most common form of cancer in French: 1 out of 8 women is affected by this scourge during his life. Then all means are good!

The Tweeting Bra

The mechanism of the bra tweeting?

It is thanks to a small hidden mechanism in the BRA clip tweeting bra can “tweet”. This little device emits a signal which is transmitted to a cell phone that notifies him even a server that generates the tweet. Thus, whenever it is unstapled, a new tweet appears on the tweeter @tweetingbra page. We can thus read all sorts of small messages like ‘ women, don’t forget the monthly palpation. ”

To commercialization?

No marketing of the sports bra tweeting is for now planned by Bridgat and so much the better! It might still seem unhealthy to prevent the whole earth whenever we undress! Only one actress and Greek presenter Maria Bakodimou could wear two weeks (from 17 to 31 October).She actually us including the demonstration in the commercial Nestlé fitness to help the fight against breast cancer!

The snag?

Each tweet is formulated… in Greek. Less than fluent in the language of Socrates, you need so arm you of patience (or Google translation) to decipher these little messages!

A nice initiative which has in any case achieved its goal: make the buzz among all of the projects that surround October dedicated to the fight against the breast cancer renamed for the occasion “Pink October”.