Tips On How To Wash Your Lingerie Correctly

Apparently, wash your lingerie seems to be a simple task, or at least not as complicated as well, since most women enjoy bath time for that.

Then, in the warm bath you take to wash your panties and bras and ready. Simple!After you let her dry right there. If you do this, then stop now. Really, we want to assist you in caring for your underwear and make these delicate pieces last longer.

The ideal is to always wash by hand. If you observe the washing instructions, typically this is the primary recommendation indicated by the manufacturers. Imagine the lingeries are, in fact, extremely delicate clothes, with fragile materials and therefore deserve special attention. Nylon fabrics, cotton, lace, among others, should be treated harder for your lingerie don’t get frayed, discolored and enlarged with polka dots.

Use water at room temperature. No hot water! The water temperature influences directly on quality when your underwear will be over time. So wash in the shower is a bad idea. In addition to the water, it will absorb the hot steam from the bathroom and this helps the proliferation of fungi.