To Support to Hillary Clinton and to Encourage Americans to Vote, Katy Perry Does Not Hesitate to Undress

To encourage his countrymen to shake off laziness and go to vote the next November 11, the singer Katy Perry -who declared openly supported Hillary Clinton-, has filmed a video in humorous key that can see her naked.

The singer who can’t do anything half has posed in front of the camera lens newly raised the bed, with the tousled hair and full of popcorn and candies glued, and wearing a Pajama Satin with the print of the flag of the United States. Everything to explain that nobody prohibits directly jump out of bed and go to vote, regardless of the paint that you have (pajamas, underwear, t-shirts advertising Size XXL). Anything goes!

Even sleep naked. And, to prove it, the singer begins to undress, but by staying nude ES detained by police. Agents that stop it clarify him that the Constitution does not authorize to attend vote naked.

Finally, Katy – from jail – sends everyone a last post:

“Remember to vote, nobody cares as you go. It is sufficient that you remember to put”

Via Funny or Die
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