To Wash Underwear – Simple Tips & Tricks

Underwear is among the most used clothes in our closet. But which is the best way to wash your underwear? Whether you need to wash a bra by hand, or just looking for general washing advice for lingerie, you will in this article to find effective tips on how to wash your underwear!


Check washing symbols

As always with textiles and garments, it is important to check the care symbols before washing. This is where you find out about your underwear should be washed by hand, it is possible to stop them in the washing machine and the washing temperature the garment should be washed.

To pretreat stains

If the underwear has stains, try as quickly as possible to pre-treat them as it helps to start the stain removal process. Do this :

  • Take a small amount of a good liquid detergent, such as Via Color Sensitive liquid and rub it gently into the stain.
  • Leave on for about twenty minutes before you wash the garment as instructed on the washcloth.Add detergent according to instructions on the package – be careful not to use too much.
  • If the stain remains after washing, look at our stain removal help for more specific fläckborttagningsråd.


Washing – underwear in the washing machine

Using a laundry bag

Underwear is often made in various fragile materials, and therefore can wash bags nylon be a good investment. These protect your delicate items from sticking to each other or in the washing machine. Using wash bags is a good idea to help your underwear to keep as long as possible.

According to Aparentingblog, to wash bra in the washing machine, do the following:

  • Check the care symbols. Be sure to wash the right temperature: washing underwear in 60 degrees is effective to get rid of the bacteria, but can be too hot for delicate undergarment. If another temperature is specified on the washcloth so it is important to follow these instructions.
  • Select the right wash cycle. Should you wash your underwear in the washing machine so underklädesprogrammet a good choice. Is not such as should be fine to choose wool or hand wash program.
  • Turn inside out underwear. Stop them in a cloth bag and put in the washing machine. Remember not to fill the wash bag completely, but use several pieces if necessary.
  • Choose a good liquid detergent for sensitive skin, such as Via Color Sensitive Liquid , and apply an appropriate washing program. Be sure to dispense the detergent according to directions on the package , and always follow the instructions on the wipes.
  • Take out the underwear from the washing machine after the washing program is finished and let themair dry naturally by hanging them, or by putting them on a clean, dry towel to dry flat.


To hand wash underwear

How to wash underwear by hand anyway? Just as above, start by checking the care symbols and pre-treat any stains. Whether you hand wash your bras and other lingerie, follow these steps:

  • After checking the care symbols and made sure that hand washing is the most appropriate option, fill a laundry tub or a sink with water at the right temperature.
  • Mix in a suitable amount of a mild liquid detergent in the water, follow the dosage instructions on the detergent packaging.
  • Stop the underwear in the water and wash gently by hand, gently squeeze them in the water until you feel they have been clean.
  • Drain the tub or basin of water and rinse your underwear in new, clean water.Rinse until the rinse water is clear.
  • Squeeze out the garment (avoid twisting) and let them air dry or dry flat.


How to wash underwear and lingerie – 3 bonus tip!

  • Sort by colorto avoid discoloration – bright with light, dark with dark red separately.
  • Avoid detergents containing bleaches , eg vittvättmedel, then it is not good for delicate items.
  • Avoid the dryer- air-dry your underwear instead by hanging them up or let them dry flat.
  • Base Layerfor skiing is often made of wool and have specific care instructions – check the care symbols to find out how just your underwear should be washed.

Using these steps, you can keep your underwear fresh and stylish anymore!