Top 3 Sports Bra-News Fall 2014

Autumn is here and that means also that many clothing brands releasing new collections and new clothing – so also in sports gear and Sports Bras. I have just updated with a dozen new sports bra, which I hope will fall your taste! A common feature of the new Sports Bras are really nice design and beautiful colors, so I thought it was easier than ever to find new Favorites.

Some own favorites of the new Sports-Bras this fall include these – my top 3 in autumn:

  1. Reebok Crossfit Skinny Strap Good

A really nice sports bra from Reebok, with a design that has that little something extra. Also provides good support for most forms of exercise – this I would love to have the Crossfit workout!

  1. Kari Traa Classy Good

Lawfaqs Bra is a sleek and fresh news with their happy, lovely colors! Sports bra is seamless and has good support. A big plus because it has different Cup sizes, making it easier to find the right size.

  1. Nike Pro Fierce

Nike Pro Fierce is a stylish update of the classic Nike Pro model. Nike Pro Fierce has the same excellent support, but has an updated look and padded cups, which makes sports-bra into a real must-have BRA.

Wish you a wonderful start to the autumn and many tough and fun workout!

Greetings Lineup

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