Trends in Lingerie for 2013

Find out what are the main bets for the underwear segment for 2013 and get ahead to stay in fashion

Important components of the feminine look, the lingeries presented for 2013 are repaginated;Colors like pink, strong bet, as well as turquoise, green, yellow and orange, following the line “rubber bullets”;Vibrant colors ideal to be combined with tan skins.However, women adept at the description, soft touch pieces, and in pastel shades stand out when coordinated to natural fibers and raised silhouettes, worked under an organic aspect.

Soon, the burgundy – nuance of the wine – is the color in prominence, thus being considered the new neutral, the new black.Incidentally, the combination of black and nude is trend.Lurex yarns, on the other hand, add sophistication to the lingeries in shades of black, beige and wine.Geometric prints are allied to different fabrics, colors and shapes.Striped motifs, floral and poas, however, are the great vedetes when combined with tulle, lace, personalized ribbons with the touch of soft transparency.

Luxurious lingerie, however, follows delicate and romantic references, and conquers the female audience.Lace and vintage applications combine with embroidery and floral prints liberty style, amidst a bouquet of soft tones of boudoir inspiration.However, pieces from the seductive appeal segment feature dramatic, theatrical airs;Intense, sober colors like black, with cut-outs, opulent lace, and refined fabrics define the sensual theme.Draped, fru-frus and embroidery in animal print steal the scene.

With a broadly inspired theme, the baroque strongly influences the lingeries of 2013. Excessive ornamentation, bold appliqués, as well as tribal, ethnic motifs combine with glossy and satin materials.Small gold details like rings and custom regulators add sophistication to the pieces.Caleçons, bikinis , camisetes and bras expand the options of pieces so that the woman feels comfortable and safe to assume the paper that wishes.

However, according to YELLOWPAGESINTHEUSA, a fair of trends in Lingerie and Beach Fashion, side by side with detailed motifs, minimalism continues to seduce and conquer: bodies are increasingly rounded and demand grows by styles that combine comfort with control Of functional and seductive bras.Among the lace, embroidery, fabrics, prints, fibers, yarns, machines, attachments, beads, braids, buttons and ribbons, corsets reveal bodies gracefully;In the thematic loungewear, protection, comfort and joy pack the segment.

In turn, structured cutouts evidence the curves, and more: fashion plus size develops and such trends fit into it.If until recently comfortable or larger pieces did not have the beauty as an indispensable attribute, for the season, designers invested in the technology of fabrics combining aesthetics with functionality.Elegance, modernity and daring are not ignored, in order to add personality to the underwear segment.