Triumph France-Fit Finder

The new video project created by leading brands in the lingerie industry allows to know and understand which model is best for our physical.

To each their own bra. But not any: it must be the perfect one, the model that best suits our forms, values, built with quality materials, synonymous with quality thanks to the union of the most innovative design technologies.

If you think all this there is very wrong there. The perfect fit for every body and silhouette has a name that for years has been a favorite of Italian women: Triumph. Sexy lingerie, suitable for any occasion and perfect for each physical, but not only. The brand has decided to outdo himself and impress the “faithful people” by launching the project Fit Finder, real online guide that helps women find the perfect bra created by the expert minds of Triumph world that has always united quality and the most innovative solutions in design.

Thanks to a few simple videos available on the website of the brand and the Official Facebook page each of us will find the bra that more befits. Tips, detailed explanations of the elements of each model will recommend which bra is best to use if you want to get a natural effect, rather than a support for our curves. As if all this were not enough, after viewing the video, you can book an appointment of “personal fit” directly in the Triumph brand stores, where some experts will direct you on the best choice for you.

Let’s see the five models available:

Bra: for support 10 and praise does not get any better than this model tailoring that gives the décolleté a soft and sinuous effect. For the most romantic we recommend Amourette Spotlight: the stretch lace gives an elegant and feminine touch.

Without underwire bra: perfect for those who like a more natural look. Lightweight, seamless and with padded cups, the ultimate expression of this line is contained in the Body Make Up series: the triangular preformed cups and satin bows are the best for those who love delicate style.

Preformed bra ideal for ladies who dream of an exclusive support from the effect modeling. An amazing 3D effect is given by the shape of the wire that draws the curves of the body. Experience the Beauty-Full Basic series, available from the cup C.

Push-up bra: if you have volume issues, this soft padding manages to recreate an important cleavage without falling in the effect “remade” and vulgar.Elegant and sensual models with lace inserts.

Minimizer Bra: the hooks are made convenient, comfortable underwire, shaping the cups. Suitable for any type of breast and silhouette, bow and lace give that feminine touch that never hurts, and like so much to our boys.