Triumph Stand up for Fit

There may well be no great secret, that a large part of the Mrs world wearing unflattering underwear looks unattractive not only at the one or the other point, but can bring health problems also on time. To change something on this instance of maladministration in ultimate measure, decided triumph in the home of the famous lingerie producer for a so called stand up for fit action. The following post reveals what it has just to be and what you want to achieve with the action.

The peculiarity of triumph stand up for fit
The action began in April 2014. The broad-based campaign starts now in the second phase. The said action is according to statements of those responsible, to provide good 100,000 women on the planet, to benefit, where the choice of the perfect is done right BHs by a professional bra fitting. Just in terms of the size and fit, this procedure seems to be in many places more than overdue. A promotional spot, based on illustrations by you would like to illustrate now the frustration of many women, who must suffer wrong gift or special purchased underwear. Pointing to the instance of maladministration could side triumph only, after you had interviewed over 10,000 women, as it is ordered to the comfort of your own underwear. Affiliated, 73 percent of those polled stated to have unflattering fitting variants in the local closet. Many exciting Tips are provided specifically for sale by Bras of triumph in this action available.

The interesting video
To just this true innovation in the field of stylish underwear appropriate scene put in, has one in the home triumph something think about. Reflected is the same in a commercial that will surely provide sensation. On the basis of winning items, the course of a planned evening is presented in which the protagonists want to go bowling. However, the narrative woman seems to have not the right bra. After all, bowling is a sport which provided special demands on a bra to keep everything in the form. It shows that the majority of women have only inappropriate or unsuitable bras. Often used at the wrong size or shape. Running sports, then the BRA can break in the video using a bowling ball is shown, which flies through a barn door. The manufacturer refers to triumph with this story from the life of the errors often committed through the purchase of underwear.