Valentine’s Day: Lingerie as a Sign of Love – What Women Want.

Special love messages being given away worldwide on Valentine’s day. Whether floral, chocolate, culinary, seductive, or just time together everyone appreciates attentions that are handed over with love. Who wants to stand on such a day with empty hands because?

There is still enough time to get a romantic surprise for Valentine’s day in peace. We women always welcome gifts, gifts and small gestures. A confidential in the sentence “You have to give me anything” is a polite lie.

For many are and remain lingerie the perfect for Valentine’s day, not least because the benefit on both sides. Who noticed a few tips can look forward triple when unpacking, mounting and unpacking again.

  1. Size: Before it can go to the selection of seductive models, the right size must be determined. Never to well-off estimates leave or vague information of the best friend or sister of loved ones to trust, that can go just wrong. Tweaks or after something shaking frustration is guaranteed. Take on the best at home writing dimensions from the laundry or a bra as a pattern. Online shops have all counselors, quickly passing the one with the tape measure to the correct size.
  2. Good style: Good taste is the biggest challenge for the men on the subject of lingerie. The border between fine lingerie and vulgar lingerie is fluent. Sexy lingerie can exaggerate room for interpretations, so please do not with push ups or cutouts. Exquisite eye-catcher make for an enchanting, mysterious look. Finally, the message should be but unforgettable experience and not cheap number.
  3. Color: The classic, with which you can do no wrong is black. Seductive, elegant black gives both charm and sex appeal. Around 60% of the content of German lingerie drawers are black, because the clay flatter just any skin type. Red, the color of love has impact with seduction potential. Red linen is considered good-luck charm in many countries and is worn mainly in new love, she should bring the wearer not only happiness, but also a thriving sex life. The pastels are a lovely trend, especially young women fell. Like a sweet treat, their freshness and lightness recalls carefree summer days. Innocent pastel softens cheeky cuts.
  4. Quality: Silk, lace and tulle have their price and handle. We carry the laundry next to the skin, no other piece of clothing comes close to us. Therefore the linen should caress us and neither tweak scratch, that spoils every pleasure. Also man with high-quality materials and exquisite workmanship at the same time also says that she is worth this luxury him. So stay away from cheap lingerie!

What you you fall for the February 14 let. We wish you a magical day in perfect society of the heart people all up to Cup ice on the couch.