“Valentine’s Day”

Began the most romantic month of the year. It’s time to surprise the one you love, make statements unusual and demonstrate to your partner as he is important in your life.

And to give you a hand on the celebrations, we have prepared a very special promotion. Have you considered a romantic evening in a cosy hotel& a brand new set of lingerie? We’ll give a follower of @fashionistando !

To compete, is simple: follow the @fashionistando on instagram and check three friends on official photo. Then, it’s just hope. The result will be published on 13/06 day.

About The Awards


We will offer a daily (which can only be used during the weekend), with breakfast, in the Ramada Encore Luxembourg. The hotel, newly opened, is modern and promotes an interesting encounter with art. All floors were painted by urban artists Beloved room.

The theme song appears in 90 rooms and nine corridors, besides the hall, gym and restaurant. The hotel is located in the charming neighbourhood concept Luxembourg and offers super cozy. Moreover, it has leisure structure with gym and a beautiful swimming pool with city views.


Already the fresh water, traditional brand of lingerie, prepared a Manifesto of Real love. The mood is for more kisses and least likes, more offline meetings and less online, for more flowers and less emoticons. And in this way, the brand wants to help you surprise your love this month so special. So, in addition to the daily at the Ramada, who earn our promotion even takes a voucher of $300.00 on purchases on Lingerie fresh water.

Not to be missed, right? Offer valid only for residents of Belo Horizonte and region. Join our promotion and celebrate love!