Vegan Lingerie Lost in Wonderland

Lost in Wonderland is a new and coveted fashion label for lingerie in Berlin. Lost in Wonderland works with the finest French lace and featherweight fabric exclusively from Europe. Of course, all materials from Europe come, so that you can make sure, that everything is vegan, sustainable and ethically correctly linked.

Lost in Wonderland was founded by Scarlett Grobelanghorst, a designer and lingerie in 2012 supporter. The brand has quickly made by modern and yet classic and playful style a name.

Some editors have already puzzled with the new brand. According to the “Lingerie addict” lost in Wonderland, although it is still relatively new, fast by their sexy but still playful use of rich fabrics and dominated by figure known underwear has become. The “global intimate wear” reported that a new luxury their opening in the spring of 2013 celebrated brand lingerie and whose underwear big scramble and shouting produced, especially in French lingerie lovers.
“” reported that the Berlin brand only vegan materials lost in Wonderland and this includes all of them from Europe. The aesthetics stands out, because the lingerie included a vintage style. “Petite Coquette” reported that lost in Wonderlan, if one compares it with rock ‘n’ roll, has half Angel and half devil. Both captivates the eye.

“The Lingerie Lesbians” is from the collection of lost in Wonderland so excited that she can hardly wait, that just in time for Easter the only store opened and is sure that’s so must go all lingerie lovers. Even the Parisian “Eurovet” expressed by the brand compared with the German Marie-Antoinette and “the lingerie journal” the label recommends.

If even the biggest bloggers and magazines from lost in Wonderland are thrilled, we should deal necessarily more accurately with the vegan lingerie of label.