Walking in My Winter Underwear

In winter, when choosing clothes, often paying special attention to clothing and footwear, but the choice of warm winter underwear is also important. Designers sometimes pay little attention to the practical stuff and free modeling short jackets, coats and jackets, completely oblivious to the fact that in winter all parts of the body must be warm.

Walking in My Winter Underwear

Kinds of Winter Women’s Panties

Winter fit underwear model closed as the following:

  • Shorts – shorts in the form of short, usually they are made from technology thermal underwear;
  • High pants – pants, narrow hips and reach the cross; winter version, they usually have additional or fleece, consisting of or containing wool.

Wool trousers women wool pants can be purchased from the company Satoria Toronto – performed in a retro style, and even have similar wool belts for stockings. Shorts are created with cashmere sweaters, cashmere, but before sewing process, and therefore hygienic worry about this technology is not necessary. To the right is interesting and is a good idea to lower conversion of warm clothes in a cute and fun accessory that is not derogatory associations. Also wool pants can be purchased from the company Mey. Women trousers fleece on warm ladies’ bikini less warm as cashmere, but together, they are more subtle and invisible under clothes. Cotton panties cotton pants can be extremely decorative underwear, but winter is more important than beauty and comfort and health, and therefore do not talk about screen shorts, knitted crochet. Cotton pants are tight bunch, and often create them in the form of shorts. Women trousers out of the “underwear” pants for women, pants cause first association with underwear. They are made ​​of thick material, but special fabric composition allows for maximum heat store.