Wedding Dress + BRA

To find the perfect Bra to her wedding dress is not always the easiest. Many wedding dresses have carried back or Bare shoulders or that they are partially transparent. This will require a bra that is a bit special-or go without.

Many choices to be made before the big day, not forgetting is the right underwear that gives both you and your dress justice. Convenience should be the focus when you wear them all day and night at the same time as them to highlight you from your finest page.

3 tips for choosing the right BRA for your wedding

  1. Think about how you want to feel and what you want to emphasize.
    -would you like some extra push-up effect or a naturally beautiful shape?What type of bra is best suited to the dress you have?
  2. Get help to get the right size
    -Bridal as well as specialist lingerie stores is the best way to go, then you get the right size in no time, as well as best practices for which model you can have.
  3. Try out the right underwear in time
    -Keep in mind that in time to try out the right bra with your dress so that everything is perfect and in order.Sometimes you need to change the size, and then it’s nice to be able to do it in peace and quiet.

We recommend:

Do you want a dress that’s tight in the front and open back give LUX a smooth nice results with a natural shape. This model is especially large in the hive and has a shimmering touch for a little extra luxury. Is now available in a white lace variation!

If, however, you will have a dress that has a deep back but also shows some skin on the front are S-Style is a good option. This gives extra push-up effect so that you get the ultimate gap.