What Bra to Choose a Workout?

To have a nice shape breasts need proper maintenance, but more important is to have one while practicing. So when you choose a suitable bra aside enough attention; otherwise you will feel discomfort throughout the workout. If, while you train your chest hinder or hurt, this is definitely a sign that you need a new and better bra.

To have a nice shape breasts need proper maintenance, but more important is to have one while playing sport. So when you choose a suitable bra aside enough attention; otherwise you will feel discomfort throughout the workout . If, while you train your chest hinder or hurt, this is definitely a sign that you need a new and better bra.

# 1: When is it Important to Have an Appropriate Bra While Playing Sport?

Whether right bra for sports is mandatory depends on what playing sport. If the dispute involves many body movements and not too intense, like sports walking, pilates, yoga, cycling or training with light weights, you will not need a professional sports bra. A classic bra will do; only select one in which the skin can breathe freely (without pads), not tighten them too much (if necessary, select a bra without underwire cups for). For skiing, skating and other sports, sports bra is recommended, although not mandatory-it depends on the size of your bust.

For exercises that are very intense and include many jumps and quick movements, you definitely need a sports bra. Examples of such sports are jogging, aerobics and other cardio workouts with music, mountain biking, extreme mountain skiing etc…

# 2: Different Types of Sports Bras

When you talk about sports bras, most of us imagine something like the classic shirt reaching below the chest. These sports bras are suitable for women with small busts, size A or B. They resemble short jerseys, but have wide straps and their purpose is gently pressed breast to the chest.

Women with cups C dimension definitely need something more serious: not only retractable bra, but one that has cups design covering each breast separately. This occurs when the neck is not just a little cut in front of a T-shirt and e deeper in the center (it should be seen that the front consists of right and left of which are connected). More stable position of the breasts can be obtained through a different kind of woven fabric – the place where need most support. Women with larger breasts need bra that shapes like the classic: made of two separate cups front (in terms of lower materials), the upper part can be shaped neckline and a T-shirt.

# 3: Selection of Materials

In recent years, sports apparel typically made of functional materials. Only a decade ago, we were told that cotton clothes are the best choice for sports activities because the cotton fabric is airy and does not irritate the skin. But cotton has one drawback: it soaks with sweat. This is not only a nuisance, but means that you can catch a cold.

Modern synthetic materials specially designed for sports activities, do so sweat to drain. Sports bras are always made of materials that evaporate quickly humidity, but especially for larger breasts should find something compromise because bras made of materials that evaporate well, do not have good support. Denser materials, unfortunately, are not well ventilated.

# 4: Braces And Fastening Bra

Sports bra straps should be wide enough and soft, not press your shoulders, so it is nice to have pads. Well it is not too elastic, because it means less maintenance. So choose a bra with straps that do not stretch, but whose length can be adjusted. The shoulder straps must not be too long or made of a material which can slide along the shoulders.

Bras looking like jerseys from the back, offer less support than those with shoulder straps in the form of letters X or Y.

# 5: Fastening?

Ordinary sports bras usually dress over her head, but that means more stretch and maintenance is therefore not so good.

They are suitable for small busts and less intense sports. Sports bras intensive movements and larger breasts must be fastened with a wide belt running under the breasts, which has three or even four hooks to attach. Thus easily adjust the strap length and will provide greater support.

# 6: The Exact Size

We women often wear bras that are not our measure – the size of breasts may be different, although the chest circumference is the same. The most important thing is to find a bra that will stay comfortable and the only way to do it is to weigh before you buy. Choose to compete first bra size, usually wear. When you put it, put your finger under the tape on his chest. Stretch it with your finger away from the body: the tape should not be stretched more than two centimeters. With bras that fasten, make the check as follows: first they cuff of the largest fastener, and after doing the test, if necessary, replace with the next snap. If you can zakopchaesh bra with the tight clasp probably will be more convenient and smaller size bra. When you wear a bra, lift your hands up. If the lower bar slip up, probably the bra is too big.

How to Determine The Size of The Cups?

The bra should not be too tight; You should be able to to take a deep breath. If the breasts are too pressed or overflowing cleavage bra, it means that the bra is too small. If you love intense workouts made some deep squat jumps and in the locker room. If your breasts move too much, it means that the cups are large: the fabric of the bust will be protected and tendons will be stretched, which means that your breasts will sag much faster. Make sure your bra fits well and armpits.

# 7: Support

Sports bras are made of modern synthetic materials that are elastic, so we need to be washed at low temperatures. When washing them, do not use bleach and other strong preparations; they affect badly fiber. Do not use fabric softener, because it stays in the materials after washing and prevents effective evaporation (for people with sensitive skin, it can cause irritation). No bras dried in an oven at high temperature, because it would destroy their structure during drying. When you notice that the bra is no longer retains its shape and elastic fibers entertain, so the bra stands more loosely and does not support the bust properly, it’s time to throw it away and buy a new one.