What does Your Lingerie Color Mean on New Year’s Eve

The new year is coming. It’s time for many women to choose the color of lingerie to wear on new year’s Eve. This is one of the famous traditions to ensure luck and happiness in the coming year. The idea is to use the bra and panties with the color that best represents your wishes for the coming year. See what best suits you:

-The white, traditional symbol of peace, also indicates the truth, wisdom, calm, purity and innocence.

-Gray conveys success quality and stability. The silver refers to modernity, future, novelty and innovation

-Black is the color of mystery and fantasy. Means luxury and dignity.

-Champagne color is associated with the classic and attracts calm and passivity.

-Gold is associated with the gold, wealth and everything is majestic. So it is often used by women who crave money and wealth during the year.

-The yellow transmits heat, light and fun. The color generates energy and optimism.

-The lingerie in pink attract love, purity and beauty. Since mean beauty, sexiness, health and romance.

-Lilac transmits spirituality and intuition. The purple tones and violets mean nobility and respect. The salmon pink is the colour of harmony and happiness.

– The red color of love and desire, brings passion during all months of the year, in addition to power, strength and energy. The darker shades also convey elegance, refinement and leadership.

-Remember the blue sky and the sea. The lighter represent calm, tranquility, understanding, freshness, harmony and health. Darker tones resemble the mysteries of the ocean and the novels, but also optimism and prosperity.

-The green color is the most harmonious, bringing hope, balance and fresh start for the new year. It means youth, freshness, calm, hope and protection.

-The earthy colours create comfort, and stability. The lingerie in these tones convey simplicity and accountability.

Even women who are not superstitious enjoying themselves, and, in choosing the pieces to feel even more beautiful at the turn of the year. “We have a great demand for colorful lingerie during this period, mainly yellow and white. But it has increased the number of betting in pink and purple, as well as those who buy colored underpants for men, “says Juliana Moraes, of fresh water.

Some brands of lingerie are preparing for this time of year and feature specific releases. Especially with soft stretch lace panties, that no brand on the waist and has a perfect body trim.

Choose your favorite color and leave for the other new year’s Eve superstitions: jump seven ripples, eat lentils, do a good storage in the House, get rid of that is no longer useful and pass the turn with a lot of positive energy for 2013.

Lingerie care

Wash the parts by hand. Undergarments are delicate and should not be washed in the machine, because the strength of the appliance can deform the lingerie. Use a neutral SOAP, cold water and rinse very well. Avoid fabric softener, it damages the spandex that make up most of the tissues. Do not wash colored pieces with white pieces. Care in time to twist. Just take off the excess water. If you have a hurry, wrap the piece on a towel and press down. Dry the parts outdoors, preferably in the shade. The dryer and the sun itself cause wear of fabrics and colors.