What Type of Bra Fits Me

Are you the PEAR or Apple? No, he is not here for your body but your chest!There are indeed different types of breasts and each has a bra that fits him perfectly.

Thanks to the questions below, find out what type you belong and what is the bra that is right for you:

  1. Your Breast lack of volume on the top and is much rounder in the bottom?

Your chest is in shape of a PEAR. This guy is as much the big breasts and small batch. It is often the consequence of a pregnancy or weight loss.

  • Need you a bra that provides sufficient supportwith a frame up higher level between the cups and a CAP to the high line. A bra lift will better distribute the volume of the breast and give it more roundness at the top.

You will find what need you in the Williamcollection. This padded bra could well go you ideally, but we advise you to try it in your lingerie shop! If you do not so much like the upholstered models, the BRA in frames of the same series you may be better.
You prefer a less romantic style? In this case, try the BRA band of the Janecollection, who could go you to delight.

  1. Your Chest is firm and round?

Your chest is in the form of Apple. This guy is as much the big breasts and small batch

  • You have the chance!Almost all models of bras are for you. The full coverage is definitely a master choice because the chest falls well in the CAP and that this model creates a very sensual curve. It has a low neckline, horizontal, lower than that of the classic Underwire bra.

Be sure to take a look on the Joanne collection or the Malcolm collection!

  1. You Have A large cup size, a pretty neckline and a round chest?

Your chest is in the shape of melon.

  • Many women envy your voluptuous chest, but you know that it also has drawbacks.You unquestionably need closed and sufficient support, comfortable and wider straps and a durable elastic back. Also, be sure to choose a model that marks well the hollow between her breasts. On this plan, the Underwire bra is incomparable!

Do you like the frames vertical sewing Bras? Eloise and Jane collections will probably make your happiness.

You are not against a bit of sobriety? Then take your sights on the BRA at the Ernest series frames!

  1. Pears, Apples and melons… you can’t make that dream?In other words, you have a very small chest?
  • Choose a sensual push-up!There are currently a lot of push up models which provide a solution to every type of chest. With removable pads or progressive padding? You can also offer you a plunge neckline

Dreaming of a push-up adorned with lace? Remember to go see those collections Jane or Adele. You prefer without lace? In this case, turn to Roy or Eliott collections.