What Underwear Is Best for My Body Shape

Today, women are no longer ashamed to buy underwear for themselves, thanks to the many specialty stores only in the field of lingerie. Ma among all the models, it seems to be the thong the undisputed winner of the last decades.
Surely many of you have seen “The Diary of Bridget Jones” and if you saw it, you can not help but recall the scene in which, after the desired first date, Bridget finds herself lying on the floor with her ​​boss Daniel Cleaver who discovers, in every sense, the giant underwear or better known as granny panties! Many of you will agree that it was not just a sensual choice to Bridget, but women nowadays instead, they prefer to wear?

There is no question that the huge knickers of a time in the underwear of progress has been made: in fact, initially, the pants had the exclusive task to hide the private parts , and, to this day, those who in the meantime we would have called slip, and no longer pants, they have become increasingly sophisticated garments that are worn even, and especially, to feel more sensual and at ease with itself. (In view also of a possible hot meeting!) the contest between slip , thong, thong, Brazilian and shorts is always wide open, because each model there are endless variations that can meet the different tastes of women, even the most difficult.
But what a difference there is between a model and the other? For inizare, the closest model to slip is the culotte, from the end of French origin, which indicates the pant down his sides to stop just below the buttocks, which in its different materials, can still be a sensual head. in the last decade however, to depopulate among the young, and old, is definitely the sensual thong is formed by a thin strip of fabric in the back that is hidden between the buttocks, and in this manner, leaving uncovered the buttocks, attention however, do not confuse this model with the Brazilian. this kind of pant is fitted in the back of a triangle that covers only a small portion of the buttocks, say, therefore, a good compromise between the classic briefs and thong. and it is the thong, let’s face it, surely the most controversial garment of the century but also the most appreciated: even though the vast majority of women will bowl in terms of comfort, however, admit to wear it regularly and prefer it to any model. So you give up a little ‘comfort, to gain in terms of fit ( the thong is indeed invisible under trousers, skirts or dresses very tight) and then because of the mirror makes us feel sexy and, let’s face it, even men seem to really appreciate it! The usual objection? not all can afford it: you have to have a perfect body, a perfect b-side, sculpted buttocks and more. But in the end, if looking in the mirror will appreciate and you feel sexy or simply at home, and your mate as soon as you do not want to see more … what you’re interested in “perfect shape”?

Infuse also Daniel said to Bridget Jones to love the curves and knickers!