What Underwear to Wear for Your Body Shape

Small main parts of lingerie for pimper guide your strengths and hide your  small defects, with shopping in there selections.

Push up, pad, wastebasket, tanga, string or shorty… the lingerie for the neophyptes RADIUS, is a land of mystery to the barbaric language.

How to sort out which is which, and what forms will best suit your figure? Second episode afteradvice morpho to choose your Bras: Let’s go, cut out the bottom.

I have flat buttocks and/or thin hips

You can almost everything you can! To give an impression of volume and concoct hips of madness by the magic of optical illusions, prefer the strings and Brazilians: horizontal lines games will give a nice bulging in your little ass. You can also recreate the volume by leveraging the frilly, lace and ruffles.

Panties with Ruffles Etam 12, pants high waist ruffle Undiz € 9.95, panties bloomer NewLook € 3.99, Lot of string H & M € 9.95, Tanga Etam € €16,90

I have wide hips and/or round buttocks

The models need you: forms that cover well buttocks, as the shortys. Take it low waist (less you mark your size and less she will bring out your hips).

Or if you assume your buttocks to 100%: do not be afraid of the string! The main thing is that no seams come ‘cut’ your nice booty : don’t forget that you’re seen as front to back! There are all kinds: you’re rather sophisticated lace, or soft cotton with funny reasons?

And especially, the trick to picking the right size: always take a size above to avoid cutting your love handles (it’s not very pleasant and it leaves nasty marks when undressing).

Shorty lace and satin NewLook € 17.99, Tanga lace H & M purple € 6.95 and gray € 5.95, Shorty lace and motifs Etam € 18.90, Lot of 2 boxer Undiz € 5.95, Boxer Kitty Oysho €7.99

I have the bidou and/or I want to refine my size

Panties underwear of our grandmothers are back. The novelty? They scratch more, and miracle, there are of all colors/materials/heights! High waist panties are redrawing the hips, mark the size, camouflage bulges and unsightly stretch marks… That’s the magical thing to feel in the shoes of a retro pin-up to the alluring curves.

High waist pants knit Undiz € 12.95, panties in tulle and printed micro NewLook € 11.99, panties corset Etam €25,90, Shorty lace Oysho € 12.99, panties lace and peas NewLook yoke € 12.99

These tips are there for those who seek to erase their small flaws or simply do not know what pregnant underwear to choose, but don’t forget that you only know what you prefer to wear!

I leave you with this Lithuanian proverb translated from Chinese by my great aunt Explorer: lingerie it’s like transit, but in more glamorous: well in her panties = good!