When You Buy a Bra

A bra should be comfortable, to suit the size and shape of the bust of a woman is sexy and at the same time is not dangerous for health and breast.See tips when buying a bra.

When You Buy A Bra

When you are shopping for a bra should look for several things. First you need to know what size you are looking for. For this measure with meter circumference of the body just below the bust. For example, if it is 80cm and then looking model size 80A, B, C or D, depending on the cup. The size of the cup is determined by considers the difference between the circumference of the bust at the convex part and the circumference of the line under the breasts. For example, if the difference is up to 10 cm, have a cup A. If you’re up to about 13 cm in the cup to a cup 15-16sm C and up to 18 cm is cup D.

Cup itself is well fit snugly to the chest, but without pressing them. If the bra cup is small, then the bust is too tight can go beyond the boundaries of the bra and cause problems with mammary glands. Too loose and wide cup is not the right decision, because then the bra does not “support” bust right.

To decide what cup is suitable for you, so We should you measure different models bras. It is desirable to buy a bra without’ve tried, because each model stands and feels differently.

Pay attention to the straps. Thin straps are suitable for women with small breasts. If you are with a magnificent breasts, then choose a bra with thick straps and wider strip on the back.

Quality bra keeps its shape at least between 6 and 12 months after purchase.

Models Bras
Different models of bras differ mainly in the shape and size of the cup. Each model meets a certain type or size of the breast and fits the appropriate style of clothing.

Balkonet-covers the bust of 3/4, suitable for plump bust and dress with cut neckline. Belongs to vintage models.

Up Push your-perfect for women with a smaller bust pads as it managed to raise and to give more volume to the chest.

Demi-bra with triangular cups and straps apart. Suitable for women with medium bust. The model was able to highlight the forms without changing their size.

Closed-bra with rounded cups that completely cover the chest. Suitable for women with conical or opulent bust. Ideal for wearing under T-shirts.

With poluchashki-in this model the shape of the cups resembles that of a shell, the two plates are connected by a thin, short bar in the middle. The model is suitable for women with small or medium-sized bust.

Strapless-the perfect choice if you need a bra to wear under bustier or under dress with asymmetric shoulder strap or in the neck. Look for a model that inside there silicone strips to bra may adhere more tightly to the skin and make you feel more comfortable while wearing it.

Sports-do not underestimate the quality of the sports bra. Matter and form of this model helps to hold the bust while you exercise so that the movement is not for Hazard mammary glands.

Interesting And Useful

  • The best-selling color bra over recent years is corporal.For comparison, before the more popular was the white bra.
  • Each year falls the average age at which girls put a bra for the first time.Over the last decade it is 12 years.
  • Look for a bra with lycra, if your weight often varies or know that after diet often suffer from the yo yo effect.
  • Choose a bra with lace, if you want to bust visually opulent.