Whisper & Loud – Lingerie Lab

Whisper & loud – lingerie lab is a fashion label with the headquarters and three other shops in Medellin, which specializes in underwear. The label was created from the ideas of Lina and Juanita, who are two different characters, and this is reflected also in their collections.
They play in their creations with the romance and eroticism, of gentleness and force, the whisper and shouting.
This is by the name of her label also identified that the creative minds with the opposites play.

The philosophy of the label

The label would convey a new life style and bring a new sense of self determination and – definition in the women with their laundry. You want to create a new understanding for sensuality and eroticism, and break taboos, which accompanied in their society are still the themes sexuality and sensuality.

“A woman who visited ‘Whisper & loud’, searches for the possibility of a new and different version of themselves to create.” She is a woman who knows who she is, knows himself and encouraged by the clothes which she wears, and highlight it, lets be so.’

The online catalogue

In the online catalogue of the laundry label, man and woman finds single items or whole wash combinations. In addition, one has to browse the possibility in the current collections, offering a beautiful selection of laundry. The laundry can be combined with each other well and leaves room for imagination.
Here, also man will quickly find it, if you want to prepare a little surprise his sweetheart.