With Care And Attention To Your Favorite Bras

Subtle things usually require a delicate approach. Laundering bras that means spend some undefined time in the bathroom-to nakisnem, be careful not to hot water carefully to select washing powder, give them put softener to treat carefully to each of them if once dry to be healthy without popped up bras and disheveled threads.

And if by chance we do too lazy to exercise and put the delicate underwear straight into the washing machine, we risk to part with your favorite bras.

Fortunately findings and technology do not stop to evolve and surprise us women. Ever since its appearance on the market, getting the ball to wash bras in the washing machine (also called magic) delight millions of women worldwide. And with good reason.

Why to buy a ball for washing bras ( no, this is not advertising a specific brand, but a real female satisfaction! ):

  • You’ll forget about the laundry by hand
  • Will finally get rid of the annoying removal or breaking Bane
  • Bra cups are kept intact – do not bend neither in nor out
  • In addition to bras you can use for bathing suits with stiff cup
  • CE can be used for transporting linen in suitcase

What Ball To Wash Bras?

The design and shape of the balls is most similar – in the form of sphere with holes, through which water and detergents pass without problem. In the first area there is one – it is designed to hold the cups of the bra on the inside, so he has no chance of being deformed.

If you have not yet made the historic purchase-time!

Girls can buy such a gadget laundering bra from TELESHOP. There it on their website in the section Beauty, under the name Super Bra. If you are from Sofia they have company stores, so it makes no sense to pay and delivery. It seems to 9.90.