You for You by Kristina T: the New Collection for OVS

OVS Indutry I like because it is a real breeding ground for new ideas! Among these I find it very beautiful the recent collaboration between the OVS chain and Kristina Ti, young brand created by the fashion designer Cristina Tardito. You know Kristina Ti? Well, it is a young brand that began ten years ago with a line exclusively dedicated to underwear and customs, the result of design and Cristina Tardito mind that has always been known for the exclusive use of the made in Italy made with fabrics , machinery and truly original techniques. Although Cristina is now passed to the collections of Pret à Porter, those for which perhaps you can identify his name, with OVS has returned to orgini. “In my lingerie collection is the starting point for all my work, but it is also the first boss that a woman chooses to wear in the morning, the one closest to our skin. It therefore has a very personal meaning, is one of our most private world. With “I for You” I wanted to revisit the lingerie of my beginnings, prints and details the most innocent and a little girlie, become synonymous with a gentle femininity and discreet”.


Cristina has created a capsule collection for OVS “You for You by Kristina Ti” which is available from a few days to more than 45 OVS stores throughout Italy. The collection includes the underwear, available immediately between body, ruffles, bras, but also swimsuits (for which we should wait until mid-May). Prices? Super advantageous. You go from 9.99 € to 39.90 € the slip of the processed items. I love it!