You Have a White Day or a Black Day?

There are days in which one feels very quiet with an amazing inner peace. Therefore, when that cuando eso me pasa I passed I choose look a total look in white showing how e meeting. Although this same happens in reverse: when I wake up on the wrong foot and my mood stays in bed, I opt for a total look in black. I leave my state of mind handed down by the tone of the outfit, but do not let this ruin my day, so the style is always present (well, I try that it is something).

For this reason, today we show two outfits where are the tones opposite: you are of the white team or your day makes you be with the? black team? I don’t know if the bloggers will be governed by its humor, but the truth is that in either case they are more than wonderful.

The truth is that I love the simplicity of the flirty in white, although these are the most dangerous: in the 99% of the cases We must take something under since it just (almost) always making transparent your underwear.

With what tone you stay?