Zahia Dehar Pictures Gallery

If I say Zahia Dehar you think of something? A few years ago this beautiful girl of North African origin, then a minor, was a bit ‘the Rubi of France, just that she has reserved his services to three players of the French national team Benzema, Ribery and Gouvou. But after the scandal Zahia is it’s not locked up in the house, or rather wanted to ride the wave of success, first with improbable video, then with the cover W Magazine… now this smart young lady has reinvented the underwear designer (and I it seemed!) and for the advertising campaign has used the very talented Karl Lagerfeld as a photographer in garments!

Karl Lagerfeld photographed Zahia Dehar for the campaign of the new line of underwear, but there’s more: Zahia Dehar will present the first collection of underwear to the Palais de Chaillot, January 25, 2012 in the middle of Fashion Week dedicated to the couture shows. To create this his first collection of underwear, as well as on his more than earned authority, has used the help of various designers, the designer of corsets François Tamarin, the ornamentista Bruno Legeron , the embroiderer Jean-Pierre Ollier, the artist Michel Careland the accessories designer Cécile Boccara. with regard to this project, Karl Lagerfeld said: “very very funny, like Vargas pinups. It was really a fun job to accomplish.

Zahia? Very reminiscent of the French courtesans as Diane de Poitiers, or Belle Otero. On his collection, then, nothing to say… “, the touch snob Karl can not miss! Zahia, happy and fulfilled, on his profile Twitter wrote:” Being photographed by Karl Lagerfeld is like a dream come true. ” Well Zahia is sly and scandal that has involved drew from the best of the best!